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"As the host of the best country radio show in the New York area, the weekly Radio Thrift Shop on WFMU, Laura Cantrell plays the kind of records - honest and simple, dirty and sweet - that Nashville used to make."
Rolling Stone
"As the charming proprietress of 'The Radio Thrift Shop,' Laura Cantrell caters to a clientele of citified country music lovers pining for some twang."
TimeOut New York
"Cantrell often gets her country songs from way back in the past, but she then brings it to the present, making the point that these are not dusty artifacts, but links in a chain."
New York Daily News
"She has the sort of east Tennessee accent that seems to keep your coffee warm. Her decidedly uncatchy signature line 'Well, there you have it folks' has become a lazy weekend mantra for her fans.And over the last six years, her noon-to-3-P.M. show, 'The Radio Thrift Shop' on WFMU, the famously eclectic New Jersey radio station, has made her one of the city's best-known deejays among music lovers with a country-and-western bent."
The New York Times
"Cantrell's refined taste for classic swing 'n' fiddle has made her weekly Radio Thrift Shop show on WFMU one of the most satisfying finds on the NYC-area dial."
CMJ New Music Report
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